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Our Managed Service:

Unlike some agencies, we’ve built an affordable, yet reliable managed service which runs on a monthly basis. A managed service means having a number of different projects/services that are carried out on a monthly basis, within a specific time frame. Depending on your needs, a managed service could include a brand new site, re-branding and having your Social Media managed on a monthly basis. Rather than charging you a one time fee, we set up a package which runs for a period of months that will see you complete a number of services with us.

Our managed service is suitable for any type of company, whether you’re a startup or established business, a managed service is designed to save you both time and money. Every client that we work with is different but we aim to provide each one with the top services within a monthly budget that works best for the client.

How does it work?

When a potential client initially has interest in our managed service, we first of all offer a free consultation where we discuss and look over the different areas of their digital marketing strategies and other digital areas such as their website. It’s also important for us to better understand the goals of the client.

We then discuss what digital solutions can be offered to help the client achieve their goals. This could be anything from a new site being developed to a better Social Media strategy.

Managed Vs Single Service

There are many benefits to having a managed service. If your looking for more than just a one time service, then a managed service is perfect. Our clients are provided with a dashboard which can be accessed 24/7 where they will be able to view what work we have done as well as some analytical data on what they are achieving from our service.

Consistent communication with each client is key. You’ll be appointed your own account manager which can be contacted at any time.